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Horizontal Cable Lifeline Systems

For workers that require safe horizontal mobility over long distances within the proximity of a vertical drop, single-point anchors may prove neither viable nor appropriate. As a practical solution to this common problem, Pro-Bel recommends the use of a horizontal cable lifeline system – a permanently installed, multi-span anchored cable that works as an attachment point for travel restraint or fall protection. Due to the often particular nature of structures that demand this type of system, horizontal lifelines fall under the category of highly restricted fall protection and require extremely careful engineering – the very type of engineering for which Pro-Bel is known.





Hands-free" movement has been successfully achieved allowing unrestricted horizontal mobility over extended distances while working close to a vertical drop.







"Hands-free" connector approaches horizontal lifeline intermediate bracket. End swage connected to terminal U-Bar anchor welded to steel penetrating a masonry wall.






Lanyard cable connector has a automatic bypass feature for continuous movement across the horizontal cable lifeline system. The intermediate bracket does not inhibit movement.




Generally, the intent of a horizontal cable lifeline is to provide safe horizontal movement to a work s
tation and back again.
In the case of window cleaning operations on most high rise buildings, the intent is to provide safe passage to the window cleaning quipment while allowing the window cleaner to move about and set up both primary equipment (stage, cage or bosun's chair) and lifelines.

In this instance the window cleaner must be able to disconnect the "lanyard cable connector" anywhere along the cable i.e. at any given workstation, and take it down to the ground while cleaning and back up to the roof again for reconnection to the horizontal cable for safe passage to the next workstation or entry/exit position.


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