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Pro-Bel | Rigging Sleeves

Pro-Bel engineers a wide array of rigging sleeve products in order to provide a solution to every conceivable job problem encountered on the job site. In general, rigging sleeves allow for the safe and convenient access to primary suspension lines and lifelines through roofs, floors, walls or any other building element. Rigging sleeve systems are only recommended when all other forms of suspended maintenance systems proves insufficient. In the event that suspension lines (or worker lifelines) cannot circumvent a building’s permanent architectural characteristics, the only remaining option is to pass through them. This unique advantage is only available through the exceptional engineering of the Pro-Bel rigging sleeve system.






This photo on the left shows Pro-Bel
roof type rigging sleeves on the
Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado.


 This photo on the right shows a Pro-Bel
roof type rigging sleeve used on the project.


    Click here to read more about the Pepsi Center project.



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