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Fall Arrest & Roof Anchors

The roof anchor is the most commonly used form of permanent window washing equipment and fall protection equipment. Roof anchors are designed to function in many uses. A roof anchor may be used a stand alone product or in conjunction with various other forms of permanent equipment such as davits, horizontal lifelines, rigging sleeves and outrigger beams.

At first glance a roof anchor is a very simple piece of equipment. However upon further investigation you begin to learn that a roof anchor is a sophisticated piece of technology. A standard Pro-Bel roof anchor although small in size is designed to meet a static load of 1,000 lbs and an ultimate force of 5,000 lbs. A static load is one that is continually applied to the anchor such as a window cleaner performing their duties. The ultimate force is a one time load applied to the anchor point such as a fall situation. In the event of an ultimate load incident the roof anchor is permitted to bend; however it may not fracture or detach. Some areas throughout North America have their own standards which require anchors to meet load requirements beyond those mentioned above. Pro-Bel manufactures roof anchors to meet all standards.

The roof anchor is commonly referred to by several other names. Many call a roof anchor a davit although a davit is a completely separate type of equipment. Other terms include: tie-back, tie-back anchor, safety tie-back, safety anchor, u-bar anchor, davit anchor, fall arrest anchor and fall protection anchor.

There are many factors to consider when designing a roof anchor system. The first consideration is the fact that there is not a standardized layout. Each building has unique conditions that will affect the way that a window cleaner or building maintenance worker performs their duties. When Pro-Bel designs a roof anchor system we take into consideration the most practical and convenient method that will be used by the worker. We then design a system that will fit the strategy and meet all applicable codes and standards.

Due to the complex nature and the high risk use of roof anchors Pro-Bel offers a FREE Design Service. The goal of Pro-Bel and our products is to keep workers safe. Our standard free design service includes a layout, details and specification. To take advantage of our free design service please contact one of our technical representatives today.

Pro-Bel maintains a large inventory of roof anchors throughout North America. Most standard product is in stock and ready to ship. Distribution hubs include Atlanta, California, D.C. Area, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Texas, Toronto and Vancouver.

Pro-Bel has been in business for more than 35 years. We are considered the industry leader in permanent window washing equipment and fall protection systems. Contact Us today and take advantage of our Free Design Service or request a quotation.

 "All buildings where window cleaning is performed
that employ suspended equipment shall be equipped
with roof anchorages or other approved devices which
will provide for the safe use of the equipment in
conformance with the provisions of this Standard"


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