Recent changes to Federal OSHA Walking Working Surfaces (1910.27) has created concern within the property management world with respect to roof anchor certification. Pro-Bel has received a lot of questions this past year from building owners/managers concerned that the roof anchors on their buildings are not certified.


The deadline for anchor certification is November 20, 2017, but there is no need to panic if you are receiving this news for the first time. Simply contact us for an action plan. Our certification specialists will assess and determine compliance with respect to the new certification requirements and the status of your existing roof anchor system. The action plan will provide you with facts and recommendations for compliance with the new OSHA Law.


To help with the assessment we recommend sending the following documents for our engineering team to review:

  1. Roof anchor drawings.
  2. Previous inspection and/or load testing reports.


If you do not have access to these documents please contact us and one of our certification specialists will be able to assist you further.


By having Pro-Bel review your anchor system you can eliminate any questions with respect whether or not your anchor system is ready for use and avoid any delays in having your windows cleaned in the spring.


Please contact us at 1-800-461-0575 or e-mail at finalosharule@pro-bel.ca to arrange an appointment and review of your anchor system. We have the largest network of qualified technicians across the US who are competent and able to respond in a timely fashion to any requests.


Thank you,


Brent La Porte

US Inspections Manager

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