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Typically, in compliance with local authorities having jurisdiction e.g. OSHA, DOL, MOL, for life and safety, all suspended maintenance equipment supplied and installed must be inspected annually as a minimum requirement. A similar inspection shall be performed following any major alteration made to an existing installation.

The building owner shall keep a certification record of each inspection and test required. The certification record shall include the date of the inspection, the signature of the person who performed the inspection, and the number, or other identifiers, of the building support structure and equipment that was inspected. This certification record shall be kept readily available for review by authorities and by the maintenance contractor.

Pro-Bel maintains up-to-date inspection records of all Pro-Bel manufactured equipment/installations. All inspection data is recorded in the building owner’s/employer’s Equipment Manual & Inspection Log Book. The Log Book, containing the necessary information to comply with all relevant State and Federal safety standards, will reduce both the design professional’s and owner’s legal exposure in the event of an accident. It is crucial that these documents be stored and readily available. Pro-Bel now has an online soltion for document stores the Pro-Bel Customer Portal.

Special Note: Pro-Bel customers automatically receive $5,000,000 + liability insurance coverage providing the foregoing conditions are met.

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The Ontario Ministry of Labour is planning to tighten regulations relating to Suspended Stage Safety. Please watch the video below to learn how the Ontario MOL performs a suspended stage inspection. 




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