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Horizontal Trolley Rail Lifeline Systems

When workers require horizontal mobility when working or rigging within close range of an unprotected vertical drop, conventional single-point anchors may prove impractical or insufficient. By contrast, horizontal trolley rail lifeline systems are ideal for long restricted spaces or tight quarters, providing non-restrictive fall protection and an effective means for the suspension of direct and primary rigging equipment.

These systems can be used as an alternative to single anchor points when independent anchors do not provide an acceptable degree of safety. While initially appearing similar, trolley rail systems are distinguished from horizontal cable systems by their non-restrictive design and multi-purpose application.

Additionally, trolley rail systems are rarely made subject to the same amplified loads as cable systems, since the system itself is engineering to distribute the load more evenly.




Rail mounted Pro-Bel Trolley system at the base of windows on the 40th floor of the Former Enron Building 2 is used to secure workers' fall protection lanyards enabling service to any part of narrow roof areas.

Click here to read more about the Former Enron Building 2 application.







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