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Testing and Certification

Epoxy Adhesive Anchorage Fasteners

Fall protection systems incorporating epoxy adhesive anchor bolts e.g. U-bar anchors, davit bases or other equipment shall have 100% of the anchors load tested at intervals not exceeding 5 years. This is due to the nature of this concealed fastening which is typically done from above on the roof (or exterior walls) when securing anchors to concrete roof slabs or walls.

Load testing of epoxy adhesive fasteners shall be witnessed, and documented by a professional engineer, or a qualified person under the supervision of a professional engineer.

Note: Load testing of epoxy anchor bolts is mandatory in Canada.

Certification Load Testing

Due to many high-rise window washing accidents/fatalities, the International Window Cleaning Association ANSI I.14 standard was introduced in 2001 that includes a 10 year re-certification of all suspended maintenance roof anchoring equipment and engineered drawing(s).

OSHA clearly supports the ANSI I.14 Standard as it is recognized as the standard for safe practice which should be adhered to by all parties in conjunction with window cleaning operations and is a resource for OSHA compliance officers. The ANSI I.14 standard is enforceable by OSHA under the general duty clause Section 5(a) (1); see "Our Story".

The following is included to re-certify the complete engineered suspended maintenance and fall protection system:

• Annual inspection and complete review of the entire tie-back/window washing equipment and layout to ensure compliance with all ANSI I-14, OSHA, Local, State, Provincial and Federal requirements. It may be necessary that additional equipment be required at an additional fee to quoted costs.

• Load testing of a percentage of the existing equipment as determined by a Professional Engineer using a prescribed load test procedure.

• Newly stamped engineered drawing(s) indicating equipment layout, details, rigging schematics, general usage, restrictive notes, and any additional equipment that may be required.


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