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Pro-Bel offers fall protection systems that cover three important areas:
1. Fall Protection
2. Fall Prevention
3. Fall Arrest

Fall protection is the elimination or effective control of fall hazards. Fall prevention is the reasonable protection of personnel from accidental falls on the same level and deals with floors, wall, guardrails, and other physical barriers. Fall arrest deals with protection from injury in accidental falls as the fall occurs and before fall prevention can reasonably be applied.

Pro-Bel will take responsibility for:

• Engineering and designing a total fall protection system

• Engineering and certifying supporting structures

• Providing proper documentation, including engineer stamped drawings, and inspection and maintenance Log Books.

The benefits derived from a complete engineered and documented fall protection system include:

• Better organized facilities

• Greater employee co-operation

• Greater productivity for management

• Less danger to life on the job

• Lower insurance risk for hazardous work in high places

• Liability protection in the event of a civil lawsuit

With an extensive engineering and construction background, Pro-Bel can evaluate all types of industrial sites, work practices, and related support structures such as steel framing, roofing systems, walls, glazing, and similar building elements in order to provide a design solution for any given facility.


"Every industry in North America has potential employee
fall hazards. Fall protection and related equipment
is a subject with which facility managers and
safety supervisors are familiar."

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