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High-rise safety is primarily a design issue, not an equipment selection issue alone.  There is not a building that cannot (and should not) be properly and safely rigged.  However, before detailing any equipment, architects and other roof designers need to be advised as to how the building will be rigged.  This must be done on a project-to-project basis.

Developing a suspended maintenance system that is both safe and in compliance takes careful planning and a keen knowledge of fall protection issues.  Before implementing any new system, our experienced design team will:

• Consider the client’s suspended maintenance requirements e.g. window cleaning only or both window cleaning and exterior building maintenance.

• Examine all relevant project drawings.

• Determine what equipment will best suit the building’s maintenance requirements.

• Verify that the building’s structural elements will be capable of supporting the loads that will be imposed upon them.

• Design a system layout that is in compliance with OSHA, DOL, MOL, building code, and ANSI I-14.1 or other Standards.

• Efficient, user-friendly and cost effective.

At Pro-Bel, we realize that most architects have the responsibility of marrying the functional with the aesthetic.  While fall-arrest and suspended maintenance systems are designed to place utility ahead of appearance, we are not oblivious to our clients’ concerns.  For this reason, we are always happy to work in consultation with architects and design teams in order to protect the integrity of their creative vision.  The result of such collaboration is the development of a system that is aesthetically pleasing and non-intrusive, while providing the utmost degree of worker safety.

 "Pro-Bel engineered systems are designed
to suit the work practices of professional
window cleaners and others working at height
while meeting the mandatory fall arrest
requirements of OSHA."

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